Delivery:- Only for Uttar Pradesh 243001

Size & Fit
5-7/8*8-1/4iches (height*Width)

Material & Care
Premium artist paper (140 gsm);
wipe with a clean dry cloth when needed

acid free and paper Hand -drawn Signed,
Front Shipped flat

Pattern :-
Indain Design Mandala

Set Content:-
1 painting

Shape :-

Style Note:-
Give a royal feel to your home with these paintings from Koshish store.
These Equisite paintings will definitely impress your guests.

What is Mandala?
A mandala,which is a Sanskrit for “circle”or”discoid objects”is a geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. While extraordinary as astandalone work of art, Mandalas hold symbolic and mediativer meaning beyond their vibrant appearance.

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